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In late 2016 I purchased the Baroni, Tomas and Emily brands from the original founders.  As a Humboldt county native (where both brands were born and raised), I have a unique appreciation for the legacies I acquired. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a wearer and sharer of these amazing products. As a consumer, I have always looked to these brands for style and quality.  As a business owner, I know our continued success depends on our ability to deliver beautiful products and unsurpassed service. 

While collectively, Tomas & Baroni have +50 years under their belts, I refer to our business as a born again start-up.   With many of the same business partners and team members, we are re-configured and focused on a better future.  We are committed to creating beautiful products, reducing our impact as a manufacturing business, building good partnerships and enjoying what we do.

So cheers to new adventures and plenty of shiny objects sure to surprise and delight.  
This is getting good.
Chris Anderson
Wrangler | CEO