Souffle Stone Stacker Ring in 3.5mm Pink Opal and Silver


Gold and Silver Souffle Stacker Rings are $38 each or $33 each when you purchase 3 or more ($99 for 3, $132 for 4....) Get in there!

We are excited to welcome a new addition to the souffle stacker ring family: 3.5mm stones! This new larger stone size is perfect for mixing and stacking with the original 2mm size. 

As always. these are all ultimately wearable, endlessly stackable little rings comprised of a delicate stone is hand-cut &  that is secured in our favorite little souffle shaped bezel. The ring adjusts from size 5 to 9, so no guessing if you are gifting.

  • Pink opal, sterling silver
  • 3.5mm stone, adjustable.
  • SKU: 71101

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