Souffle Stone Stacker Ring in 3.5mm Pink Opal and Silver


Gold and Silver Souffle Stacker Rings are $38 each or $33 each when you purchase 3 or more ($99 for 3, $132 for 4....) Get in there!

We are excited to welcome a new addition to the souffle stacker ring family: 3.5mm stones! This new larger stone size is perfect for mixing and stacking with the original 2mm size. 

These rings are ultimately wearable and endlessly stackable.  Two perfectly imperfect hand-cut stones are secured in our favorite souffle shaped bezel. The edges of the setting are formed to the stone, so each piece is unique. The ring adjusts from size 5 to 9, so no guessing if you are gifting.

  • Pink opal, sterling silver
  • 3.5mm stone, adjustable.
  • SKU: 71101

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