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Fortuna Necklace - "Don't Pursue Happiness, Create It"

Fortuna Necklace - "Don't Pursue Happiness, Create It"


  • $78.00

Keep your good fortune close to your heart with this handmade piece. This sterling silver pendant necklace holds a paper fortune which reads "Don't pursue happiness, create it", wrapped around an oxidized sterling chain. The paper fortune is secured with a silver band and red hand-tied string.

  • Sterling Silver, paper and cotton thread.
  • 16-18" L, 5/8" Pendant.
  • Do not expose to water if you want to preserve the paper fortune.
  • Handmade in California

This necklace is available in four heartfelt fortunes:

1. "Journeys begin with a single step"
2. "Don't pursue happiness, create it"
3. "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"
4. "You are loved"

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